Gaël Chételat

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Gaël Chételat

Inserm - EPHE - Université de Caen Basse-Normandie - Unité de Recherche 1077

GIP Cyceron, Bd Henri Becquerel - BP 5229
14 074 CAEN Cedex
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Gaël Chételat (Gaëlle Chételat / G. Chételat), PhD (HDR), is an Inserm research scientist in the U1077 Unit. She is currently director of research, Responsible of a Research team « Multimodal neuroimaging in brain diseases» where she is conducting studies on multimodal neuroimaging of Alzheimer's disease.

She received the PhD degree in 2002 and the «Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches» in 2008. She performed a 2-year sabbatical (2009-2011) in the laboratory of Christopher Rowe in Melbourne (Australia) where she conducted studies on amyloid neuroimaging with PiB-PET in MCI and AD.

Her research interests include  predictive markers and physiopathological mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease using multimodal structural and functional neuroimaging. Her work, published in prestigious journals, has been crucial to bridge the gap between structural and functional imaging of Alzheimer’s disease, particularly combining structural and functional MRI with the use of metabolic studies with FDG PET, and, more recently, amyloid PET imaging.

She obtained grants awarded by PHRC, Association France Alzheimer, Conseil Regional de Basse-Normandie, and ANR, and has played a central role in two large multi-center longitudinal neuroimaging programs. She is the recipient of the prestigious De Leon Prize in Neuroimaging of the U.S. Alzheimer’s Association..